TRIP # 7 Belintash

Period: April-October   Trip duration: 4  hours total (including half an hour walking)

Prices per person 1 person - 40 € 2 people - 25 € 3 or 4 people - 20 € for more - price is on request

*Please note that all payments should be in Leva or in Euro only and are given directly to the driver after the trip is completed.

Belintash is a mistique Thracian sanctuary hidden deep in the heart of Rhodopean Mountains. “The Stone of Knowledge.” According to popular belief, this is what belintash means . However, if you visit the Thracian sanctuary of Belintash, located 30 km  from Asenovgrad in the Rhodope, you’ll discover few hard facts but plenty of rumours of mysterious events.

Local legends multiply so quickly that whatever kernels of truth may have existed have  been lost under layers of fiction. In the upper platform of the scale are carved round holes, gutterings, niches and steps. Some people think this is a sky map.     The length of the rock site is approximately 300 meters with altitude of 1225 m. Despite the numerous theories, all researchers agree that Belintash was a sanctuary dedicated to the Thracian god Sabasius. Numerous artifacts discovered near the cliff confirm that theory. The place was probably used as a sacrificial altar, where Thracian priests predicted the future. They poured wine into burning pits, using the fire to make their predictions.Yet another legend connects Belintash to Alexander the Great. According to the story, his golden chariot is hidden in a cave near the cliff. Naturally, treasure hunters have long been trying to discover this chariot. 
If you wish, you will walk through an exotic footpath for about 20 minutes until we reach a beautiful little-known traditional Bulgarian cabin where you will have lunch.

You start 9.00 A.M. After 50 minutes you arrive at Belintash. You hike to the plato for about 20 minutes. You explore the area on foot for about 1 hour. You can have the picnic there (or lunch in a restaurant). Then you are back in the car and drive back to Plovdiv for 50 minutes.


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