Trip#12 +Stay - Secret Mumdzhidam Kingdom in Rhodope Mountains

Period: May-October      Trip duration: A full day and a half (overnight stay)


Price per person
1 person 2 people 3 or 4 people
130 € 90 € 80 €
For more people - price is on request



 *The prices includes:Оne night in a double or triple room, оne dinner per person, one breakfast per person and a tour guide.
*Please note that all payments should be in Leva or in Euro only and are given directly to the driver when you arrive at the guesthouse to check-in.


A magical trip to Mumdzhidam Kingdom tailored for the true fans of wild nature. You will explore the authentic secret corners of Rhodope Mountains and you may also meet Tandzher – the only person still inhabiting the kingdom to this day – King of Mumdzhidam.

We pick you up from an address of your choice in Plovdiv at 9am. After an hour-and-40 minute-long picturesque car ride, we arrive in a small village in the Rhodope mountains where we park the car. We hike along a marked mountain path to the Kingdom of Mumdzhidam. The hike is 2-hour-long in one direction, the terrain is comfortable. In Mumdzhidam, surrounded by the amazing panoramic views, we’ll have a picnic (we will provide a light snack for you). We hike back from Mumdzhidam to the car and continue our trip to the village of Sabaziy at the foot of the Thracian Belintash hill. Belintash is a mistique Thracian sanctuary hidden deep in the heart of Rhodope Mountains. “The Stone of Knowledge.” According to popular belief, this is what “belintash” means. However, when you visit the Thracian sanctuary of Belintash, you’ll discover few hard facts but plenty of rumoured mysterious events that have happened there. We hike back for another 20 minutes to the car and we drive for about 10 minutes to get to the village of Sabaziy. We park the car at the foothill, we hike along 300-meter-long marked mountain trail. Once we arrive, we will be greeted by Stephan – the only inhabitant of the little mountain village of Sabaziy. We check-in at the authentic Bulgarian guest house where we will spend the night, we settle in and unwind for a bit after which a wonderful Traditional dinner will be prepared especially for you.

The next morning we will have breakfast between 8:30 – 10:00am. We hike back to the car for about 10 minutes and we leave for Plovdiv. After an-hour-long ride we will drop you off at an address of your choice in Plovdiv.

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